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Here’s a sneak peak into the debut album “Penguins” from duo Rabbitsss.

This tune features Rob Burger (Tin Hat Trio, John Zorn, Iron & Wine) guesting on slide guitar and harmonium.

London based Australian composer Rae Howell and Brooklyn electronic musician Jon Cohrs generate a sonic landscape evoking diverse musical traditions in their duo Rabbitsss. Cohrs’ background can be heard in the smattering of samples, in the hidden shuffling of feet and a squeak of a chair, while Howell creates persuasive poly-rhythms and a driving sense of melody. Howell’s talents on marimba, vibraphone and keys, and Cohrs’ electronic manipulations and production – both rhythmic and non sequitur – are captured on record with an ear toward serendipitous moments of performance.

Penguins is a study in pulsating electronic, that type that lives through the imaginary, imperfect strings of organic (the percussive instruments) and the discreet charm of synthetic sound.. delicate textures suspended between a colorful rendition of the rigors of contemporary music (Steve Reich, Terry Riley) and ambient pop (Stereolab, above all).
– Pop Matters 2014

Penguins unspools in bright calm clarity, its overlapping marimba, vibraphone and keyboard motifs locking and interlocking like colored puzzle pieces, its hiccuping percussion delineating rhythms with crayon-emphatic precision.
– Dusted Magazine 2014

Catch us on BBC Radio 3 with Nick Luscombe.
And on WNYC’s New Sounds.


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1 Incdntlly
2 Haus Mic
3 Stretched Out
4 Just A Tree
5 Penguins
6 On The Roof
7 Vegislop
8 Double
9 Crooked
10 Rooftop II
11 Deaf Ears
12 Last Grey Day

Out on Misty Fjord Records, mfj 11.

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